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General car parking tips

If it is necessary to be parked in parallel road between two already parked cars:

With acquisition of skill a reference point you do not choose, and simply you feel when the car turned on a correct corner.

We learn to park the car correctly. An angular parking

For any more or less the big city exists an actual problem of a parking the cars. And not one driver with the experience can remember situations, when it had to "turn" long to put the car on parking lot. And what to speak about beginners. Whether correctly the driver very important is able to park, and to leave from a parking at the limited space.
On our site you can choose the private instructor in driving who teaches and explains all subtleties of a parking.

Angular parking

One of modes of statement of the car on parking is the angular parking. This kind of a parking is very popular in big cities and basically is used in places where many cars (supermarkets, cultural and sports events, etc. accumulate). The essence of an angular parking consists that on parking cars are put at an angle to carriageway edge. Plus of such parking – on small space it is possible to mark a considerable quantity of motor vehicles, and a minus - the limited review and insufficiency of a place.

Here some councils from the instructor in driving:

To choose a parking lot, move slowly with the engaged index of the right turning movement. Try to choose such place where the visibility range is more. As soon as you found a suitable place, slowly call in and level the car so that it appeared in the middle between cars standing nearby. Pay attention on left front and rear right motor vehicle side panels not to touch the next cars. Remember a lateral interval if it is less than 1,5 metres, to you it will be difficult not only to leave, but also to leave the car.
As soon as you called in on the place and выравнили wheels, it is possible to switch off the turn indicator, drive, to stop the engine and hoist a parking brake lever.

And here to leave from an angular parking it is much more difficult. If you eat not one, it is possible to ask about the help of the fellow travellers. For this purpose the assistant should rise behind the car and to inform on changes on road. Before leaving from a parking, you are obliged to pass all cars, moving on a carriageway. The basic complexity it that you should leave on road a backing at the limited visibility range. Before the beginning movement well estimate road conditions and be ready to stop at any moment. Having convinced of absence of obstacles, engage a reverse gear and slowly leave. That at turning movement not to touch standing cars, watch for left front and right rear side panels of the car. As soon as your car completely appeared on a lane, engage the left turning movement, level wheels and in the absence of hindrances begin movement. It those movements, which you will fulfil with the instructor in driving to learn to park correctly.

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